5 Reasons Why The Great Barrier Should Be On Your Bucket List!

Written by: Brooke Ogden



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Why flying over the reef should be on everyone’s bucket list!

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most treasured natural gifts. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, this unique and remarkable ecosystem spans nearly the whole Queensland coast. 

Measuring 2300km (1400miles) in length, the Great Barrier Reef is comprised of over 3000 individual coral reefs and cays and hundreds of tropical islands. It is the only living organism visible from space and it also happens to be right on our doorstep! 

So it goes without saying that I am a huge fan of this iconic wonder, and I think it needs to be on everyone’s bucket list! To be viewed from below where you can almost (but not!) touch it, and also from above, where you can really take in its vastness and grandeur. 

Here are 5 photos that I hope will entice you to get up there, and see if from above for yourself! 

The stunning myriad of blues, turquoise, and greens are hard to beat! From above you can fully appreciate the magnitude and magnificence of The Great Barrier Reef. Made up of tiny organisms the reef is home to a large array of marine life and you can only really comprehend the importance of this ecosystem when you see it spanning for miles off into the distance. 

Yes that is a heart shaped reef! Aptly named 'Heart Reef' and a beauty to capture on camera. 

This natural wonder was discovered 43 years ago, in 1975 by one of Air Whitsunday's pilots John Ramsden. 

Can you just imagine the reaction he would have had flying over to discover a perfectly shaped heart!

Wow is all I can say...

So what do you think? Are you ready to get up in the air and see it for yourself!?

I know I can't wait for my next flight... 

You can fly to The Great Barrier Reef daily with a number of local Whitsunday operators, I recommend and fly with GSL Aviation, Air Whitsundays and Hamilton Island Air. 

Also, these images and many more can be purchased as fine art paper prints, ice mounts or aluminium prints. View them here... 

Wishing you a fantastic day on the ground...dreaming of the reef!

Brooke :)