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Can you see a brooke miles print in your home or office?

4 vessels anchored within a protected calm bay and different coloured ocean waters beyond
small mountain island on the horizon with sandbar snaking its way to the island with turquise waters eitherside
islands joined together via a narrow beach and surrounding coral reef
blue and turquiose water swirling amongst white sands of the tide changing sailing vessels on anchor
below the water with yellow and blue reef underneath a turtle swimming towards the camera
from right the turquiose water waves lap at the white sand on left
aerial shot of blue ocean water with a dark blue deep channel of water flowing
large archipelago of veiny coral reefs dotted about blue green ocean water
mum and bub large grey humpback whales resting on surface of blue water
city of coral reef in many different colours and shapes dotted with hiding tiny blue and yellow fish


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