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Dive into Captivating Ocean Scenes: Discover Stunning Photography Prints at Above and Below Gallery™


Transport yourself to the­ peaceful coasts of North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands with our stunning ocean photography prints.

From vibrant coral reefs tee­ming with life to breathtaking sunsets casting a warm glow ove­r the water, our online photography collection capture­s the beauty of the oce­an.

Whether you're an oce­an lover or just want to add some coastal charm to your home, our prints are­ sure to inspire awe and e­xcitement.

Explore our galle­ry online and also in person at The Port of Airlie Marina, Airlie Beach, Queensland, to find the perfect pie­ce to enhance your space­.

“Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands are like nowhere else on earth. How does one begin to capture the beauty of the inlets, reefs, turtles, bays and creatures that call these pristine waters home?”

By venturing Above, and Below!

Purchase luxury prints, silks & gifts IN OUR Port of Airlie MARINA GALLERY & here ONLINE

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Hello and welcome to Above and Below!

I'm Brooke Miles, the visionary behind Above and Below Gallery™. With over two decades of passionately capturing moments through my lens, photography isn't just a profession—it's the very essence of who I am, and I’m here to share this with you!

I invite you to explore and shop from an extensive range of favourite print collections to ocean inspired silk accessories and beautiful gifts.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of nature from the comfort of your home with our exclusive collection of photographic prints, captured in the pristine waters and earth from North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands, to Western Australia, Europe, Mexico and beyond!

At Above and Below Gallery™, we offer a curated selection of stunning ocean-themed prints that evoke the serenity of the sea.

Each print captures the unparalleled artistry of nature, bringing the mesmerising colors and textures of the ocean directly to your living space.

Have fun shopping!

underbelly and tail of humpback whale frolicking and splashing on the surface of water
black image with grey underbelly of a large humpback whale
black and white image of large humpback whale breaking the surface of the water
large grey humpback whale breaking the surface of the blue water around
small grey baby calf whale hiding under the belly of mum whale as  they break the surface of water
sailboat sailing between two islands as fringing reef hugs the coast line
a small boat in the distance replicates a comet amongst the sand and blue green water swirling together
single reef island with vast blue ocean and sky surrounding
Silk Sarong Coral Veins Print of Coral reef veins spread across green, blue, aqua, turquise coloured water
Silk Sarong White Waves print
Silk Sarong Debbie
Silk Sarong Stargazer
speed boat snaking through the water leaving white wash water in its wake
just below the waters surface are the tails of 2 humpback whales
aerial shot of blue ocean water with a dark blue deep channel of water flowing
plethora of blue Damsel Fish swimming in large pack with blue waters surrounding
sea turtle popping up over a wall of coral reef as smaller fish swim behind him
dark and deep with a sea turtle swimming over more coral with dark blue waters around
Black Manta Stage Show

Black Manta Stage Show

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Oceanic Cruiser

Oceanic Cruiser

From $161.00

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From $161.00

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