Above & Below Opens Its Doors!

Written by: Brooke Miles



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Local award-winning photographer Brooke Miles opens the first photographic gallery of its kind in the Whitsunday’s. Located in the Port of Airlie complex, Above and Below Gallery’s uniqueness stems from it exclusivity in only capturing scenes from above the water and below it. Aerial images of the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef coupled with underwater encounters with humpback whales and other marine and reef life means the gallery is both varied and diverse in its range of images. 

Having the Above & Below Gallery exclusive to aerial and underwater photography has given Brooke the opportunity to diversify her specialisation as a photographer while bringing a new dynamic to the usual Whitsunday imagery.

The photographic art showcases the heart of the region from the intricate veins, blue rivers and lagoons of the Great Barrier Reef to the magic of the Whitsunday Islands and mainland. Brooke’s intention behind the gallery was to capture the romance of the Whitsunday’s, the part that the locals fall in love with rather than the typical tourism shot.  

“There are no drones used in my aerial photography, the scenes are all taken from helicopter with no door, meaning I have complete control over every image, giving me the ability to purposely create the shot I want.” Brooke Miles, gallery owner and photographer. 

“Likewise, with the underwater images, all are created with me behind the lens; even the ones up close and personal with the splashing Humpback Whales!”

Along with other marine life the gallery also naturally displays underwater scenes from the our very own natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Combining her passion for scuba diving and photography has given Brooke an innate ability to capture in her images both the playfulness and colour of the reef as well as the more hauntingly beautiful side that is often missed by visitors. 

“Opening the gallery has been very exciting, but what’s more exciting is the ability the gallery gives for holiday makers, wedding goers and locals to have a piece of the Whitsunday’s hanging on their wall, who doesn’t want art that reminds them of a special time and place in their lives?”

The gallery also has an amazing gift range varying from limited addition silk sarongs and silk scarfs printed with photos of the Great Barrier Reef through to an amazing marine inspired line of Australian made and handcrafted jewellery exclusive to the gallery.

While Brooke has to travel to Tonga to capture the images of the Whales, her next step for the gallery is looking into applying for a specialised license to photograph these gentle giants in the sunny Whitsunday’s.

Above & Below Gallery will be open from Tuesday to Sunday 

Contact Brooke Ogden – Owner

0419 941 162  |   info@aboveandbelowgallery.com.au

Shop 12a, Port of Airlie, Port Drive, Airlie Beach QLD 4802


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