Hotel Fit Out at Mirage Whitsunday Resort

Hotel Fit Out at Mirage Whitsunday Resort

Posted by Brooke Miles Ogden on

Take a peek inside the newly renovated penthouses at Mirage Whitsunday Resort!

It was absolute privilege to do the artwork fit out in 3 of these stunning apartments with my photo prints, you'll find a Brooke Miles print on the walls in every room.

Being a commercial photographer, I was also commissioned to shoot the apartments for the booking website. It has come up beautifully... 


 The penthouse opens up and extends from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen. Can you spot something familiar from the gallery? 👀


The ‘Coral Heart’ print hangs beautifully and is a treat to gaze at while you dine at the dinner table! 


On the opposite side of the dining table is the stunning view from the balcony facing the bay... that view never gets old! 

This is one of the four bedrooms in the penthouse, all decorated with a Brooke Miles print!

The 'Swirling Sands' print fits perfectly with the wall tones in this soft-toned bedroom for two.

The ‘Peak Sands’ print is located in one of the bedrooms with two single beds - perfect for the kids! 

‘The Strip’ is mounted above the headboard of this aztec print-inspired bedroom of the penthouse. 

The penthouse also has three bathrooms. This one is extra, extra special with the skylights above the bathtub.

Here are the other two bathrooms that have different looks but are both sleek and squeaky clean!

The 10m long plunge pool at the side of the penthouse is a unique feature that will definitely be a highlight of your stay.

Great work Mirage Whitsundays


You can book your room here!

If you are interested to hear more about how we can help you fit out your space, simply send us a message here - and we’ll jump right in. 

Stay tuned for more projects!


Brooke 😎

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