A Captivating Underwater Moment—Introducing 'Double Trouble'

A Captivating Underwater Moment—Introducing 'Double Trouble'

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This print is a testament to the incredible moments that can be found in the depths of our wonderful ocean. It's a moment that transcends the ordinary and transports us to an underwater world of awe-inspiring beauty. 

It took me a minute to process this image in my mind before I actually captured it in my camera.

There are two spotted sweetlips, both elegant and eye-catching, mirroring each other and practically posing for the camera!

Double Trouble

But that's not all!  

Our sweetlips aren't just floating in an empty abyss. They've got a breathtaking backdrop: two impressive coral bommies. For those who aren’t familiar, bommies are like underwater monuments, bustling with marine life and painted in vibrant colours. They're the kind of place every fish wants to hang out, and these sweetlips are no exception. 

What makes this image truly special is the layers. It's like peeling an onion (but without the tears!). You've got the sweetlips front and center, the bommies either side all covered in coral, schooling fish hovering above and that intriguing swim-through that leads back into the abyss! 

It's a visual feast that keeps on giving! 

The Finer Details

Print Title: Double Trouble  
Limited Edition Print: NA  
Medium and size of piece in image:  
Available in any size and medium, please see product listing for details or contact the team.  
Subject Matter: Sweetlip Fish amongst the coral bommies of Mansur Island in the Raja Ampat dive region.  
Location of shot:  Raja Ampat, Indonesia  
Equipment Used: Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens + Ikelite Housing  
Depth/Height: Approx 15meters below!  



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Medium Delight

'Medium Delight'



Thanks for reading!
See you next month for another behind the scenes blog 👌
Brooke :) 

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