Introducing Dusk Diver - A Moody Turtle Print

Written by: Brooke Miles



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It was a magical dive when this gorgeous Hawksbill turtle cruised around me exploring the fields of coral. Majestic, calm and oh so beautiful, it was one of those special and rare moments, I just knew I was witnessing something special. 

Turtles & The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is such an incredibly gorgeous wonder, and one I truly treasure. This turtle was just 10 metres below the surface on a reef off Heron Island, and being overcast, the lighting was picture perfect (pun intended).

I love how his rustic shell captures the glimmer of my strobe light. It’s perfectly juxtaposed against the deep midnight blue sea. 

Heron Island has a really large turtle population with over 4,000 Green, Hawksbill & Loggerhead Turtle’s residing there. If you plan to visit Heron Island anytime soon, you’re almost guaranteed to spot one of these beautiful creatures.

If you do see one, please be mindful of their natural habitat and follow these simple guidelines: 

  • Do not use lights or flash photography anywhere near the beaches (especially during hatching season) 
  • If you see a turtle on the beach, remain low and still. Turtles are very sensitive to movement
  • Remain 10m away from the turtle
  • Remain behind their line of sight
  • Avoid walking in the high dune area as there are many nests below the sand

I've just returned from Heron Island for my 2nd visit. So watch this space for more gorgeous turtle features! 

Pride of Place.

I’m so pleased to see this image as a finished print. As a 60 x 40-inch Floating Frame Canvas it really is a statement piece. I sold it to a local collector who assures me my little dusk diver will have pride of place in their dining room.

How fantastic does it look in their home?!

Here we have the 'before hung shot' in the gallery. Whenever a new print arrives I get super excited!!! 

The Finer Details 

Name: Dusk Diver 

Equipment Used:  Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens + Ikelite Housing + Ikelite Strobe

Sizes: 8 x 12 all the way up to 40 x 60in

Medium: Fine Art Paper, IceMount, Canvas and Aluminium options available. 

You can order your custom print and choose your mount here. 

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Thanks for reading, see you next month! :) 

Brooke 😎