The Great Barrier Reef In Full Colour. Introducing ‘Lower Levels’

Written by: Brooke Miles



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A beautiful reef-scape will forever be one of my favourite scenes to capture under to sea.

Balanced in perfect buoyancy, with your breath in harmony and your ears silenced by the gentle pressure of water above you. Mindfully taking in all the layers, colours, shapes and life that a healthy reef scape provides.

Lower Levels print Copyright by Brooke Miles
Lower Levels print Copyright by Brooke Miles

This is one of the reasons the Great Barrier Reef is so special. There are scenes like this scattered along 2300kms of the Queensland Coast, and it's truly splendid to see with your own eyes! 😁 

Although these simple shots seem relatively easy to capture, there are still a few decisions to make (all whilst managing the underwater elements too!)

A few thoughts that went through my head...
  • Which section of the reef had the best layers, (or levels as I later called it!)
  • To shoot vertically or horizontally,
  • Getting the right balance of foreground staghorn coral without it taking over the other corals in the background...

I was really happy with the result, this is definitely a new favourite and looks amazing on the gallery wall.

The Finer Details


Piece name: Lower Levels

Limited Edition Print: NO

Medium and size of piece in image:   Fine Art Print, Framed or Unframed, Metal, Framed Canvas, Wood Block or Acrylic.  Any size available.

Subject Matter:  Hard coral (Branching and Plate) and its inhabitants! 🐠 🐠 

Location of shot:  Ribbon Reefs, North of Cairns, Great Barrier Reef  - Dec 2022

Equipment Used: Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens in Ikelite housing

Depth/Height: approx. 8m ‘below’  


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That's all for now. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing these prints as much as we have.

If you need any help choosing the right image for your space please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page

See you next month for another news feature.

Thanks for reading and cheers from The Whitsundays 🌞

Brooke x