The Enchanting Dance of a Sea Fan in the Currents of Raja. Introducing 'Medium Delight'

Written by: Brooke Miles



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Let us take you on another adventure from Raja Ampat, with a print that captures the enchanting beauty of the underwater world and gives us a glimpse into the dynamic choreography orchestrated by the ocean's currents. 


We're all a little in love with this mesmerizing print titled 'Medium Delight' from the Raja Ampat collection.  

Raja Ampat, a true gem of a location in itself, is renowned for its rich and diverse marine life. 

Schools of fish, each representing a unique species bring a symphony of colors and shapes to the backdrop of this underwater art piece, making it a true delight for any underwater enthusiast. 


Medium Delight print by Brooke Miles
Medium Delight. Copyright Brooke Miles

This striking print gets its name ‘Medium Delight' from the captivating moment it captures within the ‘medium’ current, where the sea fan sways ever so delicately, like the most graceful of dancers. 

They use their exquisite structure to perform a subtle, enchanting dance, all orchestrated by the ocean's currents – the true master choreographer of this underwater ballet. 


At the heart of this print is a sea fan that embodies the very essence of the colour 'coral.' It's a colour not quite pink, not quite red, and not quite orange – but coral! This hue is drawn from nature's own palette and it's a testament to the artistry of the underwater realm.

Meanwhile, the background of 'Medium Delight' unveils an endless garden of hard corals. It's in this scene where the sea fan, dressed in its coral hues, gently sways to the rhythm of the ocean's medium current.


The fish, like stars in the night sky, gracefully move through this aquatic stage, completing the picture of tranquility and elegance. 

It's a vibrant canvas of marine life that thrives beneath the waterline.

The Finer Details

Print Title: Medium Delight   

Medium and size available: Available in any size and medium, please see print listing for details or contact the team.   

Subject Matter: Gorgonian, or Sea Fan Coral 

Location of shot:  Raja Ampat, Indonesia   

Equipment Used: Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens + Ikelite Housing   

Depth/Height: Approx 18 meters below!  

Coral Sea Fan image in a dining room setup
'Medium Delight' Dining Room Inspiration

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