Introducing 'Peak Hour'  +  It's Almost Birthday Month! 🥳

Introducing 'Peak Hour' + It's Almost Birthday Month! 🥳

Posted by Brooke Miles-Ogden on

Diving 25m down into this iconic marine sanctuary just 2kms off Double Island Point is something else...

There were feelings of peace (as I feel every dive), yet also exhilaration (because I'm surrounded by large sharks) and also satisfaction (another epic dive ticked off the bucket list!) 

This place was classified as a marine sanctuary in 2003 when the authorities figured it was a unique and very valuable gestation site for the endangered Grey Nurse Shark. Before this time, humans could kill these precious beings without care or respect for their growing babies...bad humans :( 

The dives were only giving us 5-10m visibility, which at these depths provides very low light, so you can't actually see them, but behind this wall of Big Eye Trevally there are around 50 or so 3 metre sharks! 

As we continue to swim around the site the gentle giants were very chilled out and not at all bothered by our presence. 

Check out some images below....

And in addition to the wonderful Grey Nurse encounters, at every turn we were surrounded by hundreds of these schooling Big Eye Trevally!

It was a never-ending wall of fish and very cool to capture.

The Finer Details

Print name: Peak Hour

Limited Edition Print: No

Medium and size of piece in image: Fine Art Print, Framed or Unframed, Metal, Framed Canvas, Wood Block or Acyrlic. Any size available.

Subject Matter: Schooling Big Eye Trevally

Location of shot:  Wolf Rock, Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast QLD  

Equipment Used: Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm Lens. No Flash

Depth/Height: Approx 15m ‘Below’

Order this print on the website and browse through other fish prints! 

Some shark images from the dive.

Check out Wolf Rock Dive if you want to experience this for yourself.  

Wolf Rock Shark Dive Photos by Brooke Miles


'Make Way' - A personal favourite! 

 And other prints featuring the Big Eye Trevally!

     Schooling Big Eye Trevally Wolf Rock Dive



'School's Out'

Thank you for reading.

If you'd like one of these prints (or any of the prints in the gallery), feel free to shoot us a message here.

See you next month for another behind-the-scenes blog along with heaps of Birthday Month specials!!! 

Stay awesome.

Brooke 😎

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