Islands to Get Lost In...The Good Kind of Lost! Introducing ‘Sir Goldsmith’

Written by: Brooke Miles



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Flying over the open Coral Sea to seek out this beautiful piece of paradise tucked in the middle of sea was definitely worth the extra mileage!

These islands are well known amongst sailors and travellers coming up the coast, seeking sanctuary after their long trip up the coast of Queensland.


This island isn’t the biggest in the Whitsunday or Cumberland group, with just 674 hectares and an elevation of 74m, but it sure is pretty and oh so inviting...look at those beaches!

If you want to know where this beauty is, from Airlie Beach, head south east over Thomas Island and down to the Sir James Smith Group of islands, more commonly known as the Cumberland Islands, in the Coral Sea of course.

If I were to be lost on an island, I think this one would do!

The Finer Details

Piece name: Sir Goldsmith

Limited Edition Print: NO

Medium and size available: Fine Art Print, Framed or Unframed, Metal, Framed Canvas, Wood Block or Acrylic. Any size available.

Subject: Islands, fringing reef and secluded beaches!  

Location: Goldsmith Island and Sir James Smith Group of islands. SE of Airlie Beach.

Equipment Used: Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens in a R66 Helicopter

Depth/Height: approx. 1000ft ‘Above’   

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A few more island vista prints to inspire your walls....  

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