Introducing 'Poser'

Introducing 'Poser'

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This very handsome turtle was sitting perfectly amongst the coral bommie, almost like he was ready and waiting for me to take his pic. In saying that though, he wasn’t very big, so he was also quite camouflaged and I almost missed him!

I pointed my camera and fired off a few shots..thinking I had it and between you and me, I was quite pleased with myself! So left him alone and swam to the next bommie.

But then I checked my playback (thank goodness for digital) and I realised my strobe had not fired.. NOOOOO!!!😫

Devastated, I swam back which was around 10m or so, thinking he'd have definitely moved on by the time I got back.. but nope, he was still there!

Still waiting, still posing!

Yay! I was happy dancing in my BCD (which isn’t easy!)) and let out a little squeal through my regulator... I was able to reshoot him and got ‘the shot’!

Here he is, introducing the aptly titled print 'Poser'! 

What do you think?

You can find 'Poser' and many other beautiful turtle prints in-store at the gallery and online here. Check them out!!  

The Finer Details 

Name: Poser 

Location: Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

Subject MatterGreen Sea Turtle

Equipment Used:  Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens + Ikelite Housing + Ikelite Strobe

Depth/Height: approx. 10metres ‘Below’ (Scuba)

Print Sizes: Available in all sizes

Medium: Fine Art Paper, IceMount, Canvas and Aluminium options available. 

You can order your print here

Shop more turtles in the gift range

Shop all things turtles in the gift range here 




Thanks for reading! See you next month. 

Brooke 😎


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