Introducing the NEW Above and Below Gallery!

Written by: Brooke Miles



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If you’ve been a visitor to the Port Of Airlie recently, it would be hard to miss the evolution of a stunning new branding to the front door of what was previously known as the Whitsundays’ iconic ‘Above and Below Photography’.

Well-respected local Whitsunday photographer, Brooke Miles Ogden, has released a refreshed branding and design, shifting away from the name ‘Above and Below Photography by Brooke Miles’ to a more encompassing ‘Above and Below Gallery by Brooke Miles’, a move prompted by the ongoing natural progression and Brooke’s long-term vision as the gallery approaches its 5th birthday.



Since opening at the Port in Airlie in November 2017, Above and Below Gallery has grown from strength to strength, heralded by locals and visitors alike as a “must visit” Airlie Beach location, where you can be sure to take away with you a little bit of the Whitsundays in the form of a stunning photographic print or one of many ranges of gift items, including clothing apparel, jewellery and much more.

Brooke explains that using the term ‘gallery’ and moving away from ‘photography’ within the name assists in strengthening the Above and Below brand.  While the core of Brooke’s passion, skillset and services are still very much photographic, the emphasis on the word ‘gallery’ reinforces the developments over the years in offering a more extensive range of unique and original imagery for sale as prints, catering to growing demand.

“The gallery has always been more than just a photography ‘shop’, so it was important to ensure that the rebrand reflected this. It is a collation of my catalogue and allows me to showcase and bring to life, not only my skill sets, but the beautiful Whitsunday landscape, from both above and below of course,”

explained Brooke.

Brooke continued, “To know that there are beautiful Whitsunday landscapes in the living rooms of people from New York to London is the ultimate dream for me. I feel extremely lucky to share my home and beautiful backyard with the world over.”

Explaining that along with the change in name, the new branding incorporates a blend of the existing design merged with a bold, new look, Brooke said, “The original logo holds such nostalgia and history for me, which is why I chose to incorporate aspects of the early design, however it was important to me that this new branding reflects the growth and evolution of what I now offer under the ‘By Brooke Miles’ range. I am really proud of the personal connection I have to the new logo, with the design including images from some of the first collections which have been adapted into graphics.” 

Still focusing on ‘above’ and ‘below’ as aerial and underwater photographic art being its unique style and niche, Brooke also now offers a ‘Feet on the Ground’ Collection, showcasing the beauty of nature from a ground-based perspective.

“The mainland has so much beauty to it, the lush rainforests, cute towns, the outback, hidden beaches and so much more. It really complements the underwater and aerial collections of the islands and the Great Barrier Reef, showcasing the overall beauty, diversity and fragility of the mainland, in addition to our oceans and particularly the Great Barrier Reef,”

explained Brooke.

Despite the challenges over the past two years, Above and Below Gallery has continued to thrive. Like many, on both a personal and professional level, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed Brooke to work on the other projects including the rebranding, as well as an opportunity to cater to evolving markets, including more local and intrastate private and corporate clientele.

While the gallery doors mostly remained open throughout, Brooke continued adding iconic Whitsunday imagery to her collection and subsequently the creation of wholesale catalogues for hotel, accommodation and corporate clients, including a complete fit out of Brooke’s prints in all hotel rooms and common areas at Daydream Island Resort, and also Yangaro Retreat and Mirage Whitsundays. This led to the creation of an online sister gallery for wholesale and corporate clientele, launched as ‘Artwork for Any Space’ in early 2022.

To further complement Brooke’s own work, the Above and Below Gallery now also stocks other artists work, including local artist ‘Tara Lea’s Jewellery’, alongside Brooke’s dad and his  jewellery ‘Mark Miles Design’ and will be looking at new submissions in the second half of 2022. These new offerings complement Brooke’s existing gift range, which includes everything from sarongs to scarves and cushion covers to purses, all of which have been created using Brooke’s stunning underwater and aerial photography.

For further details or information, visit or immerse yourself at the gallery from Wednesday to Sunday at the Port of Airlie.