Make Your Walls Sing With Wallpapers Of Island and Underwater Art

Make Your Walls Sing With Wallpapers Of Island and Underwater Art

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In 2022 we were thrilled to be asked to undertake not just one installation, but two. Elevating the empty walls at two iconic Whitsunday business spaces with our photo wallpapers. 

It started with a phone call from Rob Taylor, the Principal of Taylors Property Specialists, seeking a unique and dynamic way to make their new office spaces stand out. 

Rob's vision was clear, he wanted it big and he wanted it bold! 

We decided on the Whitsunday aerial prints for the boardroom and one of the meeting rooms, but the other two spaces needed something 'else'. 

After a discussion with Rob and his team, they decided they wanted something with greenery, so out to Cedar Creek I went, camera in hand to capture a set of prints especially for this project. 

The result was the two rainforest images you see below. Creating a striking, yet complimentary contrast to the aerial images in the next room.

Did you know I can create images to match your brief, don't let the gallery be the end of your search. Contact us to learn more!

Taylors Property Specialists

office wallpaper with aerial imagery
Rainforest images commissioned and part of the 'Feet on the Ground' collections
office wallpapers with aerial and creek artwork


Project #2 was Beach Plaza. An iconic space on the Esplanade of Airlie Beach, where the owner also wanted his newly painted and refurbished walls to really stand out.

Anthony first came to the gallery and was impressed with the range, colour and quality of the imagery, so it wasn't hard to choose a range of aerial and underwater images to match his request. 

After a measure up and consultation with both the owner and builder we agreed the foyer images would be aerial 'above', and the bathroom images would be underwater 'below'.

With 5 giant wallpapers, these walls now make a statement when you walk into this plaza. You can't miss them! 


Beach Plaza

'Hardy's Veins'




'Peak Hour'

It was an absolute pleasure working with Murphy Constructions, Ash Electrical Whitsundays, Pro Paint Works, Taylors Property Specialist and Beach Plaza owner Anthony, to bring these wonderful visions to life.  


Whether you have an office space, resort, hotel, restaurant, or maybe even a space at home, you can have your favourite Brooke Miles print up on your wall… literally!


Want to give your space a revamp? Been thinking about what to do with the bare wall in your office space? Our wallpapers may be the solution!

Contact us here or message us on our socials if you’re interested and want to learn how we can help.

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