large heart shaped coral reef island surrounded by turquise water and more reef


Aerial photographs of the iconic Whitsunday Island's and Great Berrier Reef off the Queensland coast. All captured from a helicopter (with the door off of course!).

Brooke Miles has been shooting one of Australia’s premier natural beauties for over a decade, and her aerials vary from the well-known spots to her secret local spots!

Taking in the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island, Whitehaven Beach, and Hill Inlet, to Airlie Beach, Abell Point Marina so much more.

Prints range from unnumbered prints to the limited edition, numbered prints.

Various mediums are also available, from the stunning fine art papers to acrylic and aluminium. 


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afternoon light casting shadow across the sailing vessels on anchor with turquiose waters surrounding a white sand bar
afternoon light casting across the mountain islands across several sailing vessels
4 vessels anchored within a protected calm bay and different coloured ocean waters beyond
aerial of island surrounded by changing blue and green waters and reef
aerial of holiday island looking towards the highest point of the island with green fringing reef
aerial shot of an island dotted with bays of coral and sand
islands joined together via a narrow beach and surrounding coral reef
small island with sailing vessels anchored nearby a snaking sandbar through the turquiose waters