- Up, Down, In, and Out: Framing the Reef from Above and Below -

- Up, Down, In, and Out: Framing the Reef from Above and Below -

This collection features 12 stunning prints capturing the same reefs from various perspectives—above, below, and all around! 

Through the eye and lens of Brooke Miles, she delves into the intricate tapestry of life at Bait Reef, Hardy Reef, Sinker Reef, Heart Reef and Line Reef, highlighting the interconnectedness and diversity of these underwater realms. 

From an aerial vantage point, the Great Barrier Reef presents an awe-inspiring mosaic of blues and patterns. The images capture its coral formations creating a stunning contrast against the deep blue waters. These shots offer a unique perspective, showcasing the reef's grandeur and yet delicate structure, along with the giants that swim amongst them. 

Then, as we descend from the sky, the transition to underwater photography reveals a different world - one teeming with life and colours. 

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