A collection of images taken while snorkeling with migrating humpback whales in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, off the Kingdom of Tonga, in Vava'u. 

The stunning blues of the deep sea contrast with the details of each individual whale. From bumps and barnacles to small scratches and stripes of white and grey, these details are amazing and lends well to the underwater fine art photography. 

Prints range from unnumbered prints to the limited edition, numbered prints.

Various mediums are also available, from the stunning fine art papers to acrylic and aluminium. 

underbelly and tail of humpback whale frolicking and splashing on the surface of water
large grey humpback whale breaking the surface of the blue water around
black and white image of large humpback whale breaking the surface of the water
the underbelly of a large grey humpback whale as she flips through the water
3 humpback whales diving down into blue waters
just below the waters surface are the tails of 2 humpback whales
black image with grey underbelly of a large humpback whale