Meet Brooke...

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands are like nowhere else on earth. How does one begin to capture the beauty of the inlets, reefs, turtles, bays and creatures that call these pristine waters home?

By venturing Above, and Below!

When photographer Brooke Miles isn’t scuba diving to capture the creatures and reef of the deep, she’s photographing the coastline’s rich colours, shimmering light and rugged textures from high above.

And so the gallery was born.

With prints of aerial vistas to coral reef scapes that will have you wondering if you're still on planet earth. Explore the beauty of our natural wonderland right here.  

“I have always had a passion for travel and photography, both landscape and nature. I sold a few prints from my Kimberley travels to a gallery in my home town of Perth in my early twenties. This was (little did I realise at the time) a chapter in my early career that would make sense again in my thirties!

My business however took me down a successful path of wedding and commercial photography through my twenties and early thirties ...and still to this day actually!

But my passion for capturing the ocean from under the surface and above from the sky grew and I was creating a large body of work that needed a home.

So in 2017 I opened Above and Below Gallery, and I am super proud of the space and work this has become"


The Gallery

The Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands has been Brooke's 'backyard' since 2008. This region is absolutely stunning; it's colourful and vibrant and full of wonder and life. It's a real bucket list destination.

This makes every photo shoot an exhilarating experience and Brooke's prints allow you to 'step into her lens' and feel these views for your self.

You can take a print home to brighten up your walls, or simply browse the gallery and experience the Whitsundays from Above and Below, through the eyes of a photographer!

Take a walk through the gallery...

Meet The Team

A business is only as good as its team. And it's the people that make the team. 

Every day is full of hard work and drive, but also laughter and gratitude that we get to do what we love! 

Brooke may be the face and the name, but there is a team of powerhouse women that help to keep Above and Below Gallery on its toes.

Introducing these legends here...


Gallery Manager and light of our lives!


Content Photographer, Gallery Assistant and our shining angel. 


Owner, Creator, Professional Photographer and boss lady!


Personal Assistant, Super Mum and all round superstar.


Social Media Manager, Website Master and all round extraordinaire.


Unofficial CEO and office/gallery teddy bear! 


Bring small photo prints as a souvenir that can easily be packed on your travels home.


Create a captivating focal point in your home with a serene landscape print.


Choose your favourite pure silk scarf and sarong with these stunning ocean prints.