The Most Beautiful Turtle shell. Introducing 'Striker'

The Most Beautiful Turtle shell. Introducing 'Striker'

Posted by Brooke Ogden on

'Striker’ has been one of the most commented prints in the gallery since its introduction - a true crowd favourite I must say! 

And there is something about this turtle that gets everyone's attention...I think it's his striking shell. But what do you think? 

    This turtle was around 1 metre in length from top to tail. He swam with me for a good 10 minutes or so, weaving left and right at a slow forward pace, giving me confidence he was very much at ease with my presence. 

    Have you had the pleasure of snorkelling or diving with turtles before? When swimming with these gentle reptiles, or any marine life, it’s important to give them space, let them know you’re not a threat and certainly don’t cast a shadow over their space.

    We don’t touch them and we don’t block their path. And by swimming in harmony with these wonderful Chelonian creatures, I put myself in a position to capture such beautiful images. 😉

    I love how the turtle is separated from the reef and his shell speaks to everyone differently. 

    We think this shot is just perfect!  

    The Finer Details

    Piece name: Striker

    Medium and size available: Fine Art Print, Framed or Unframed, Metal, Framed Canvas, Wood Block or Acrylic. Any size available.

    Subject: Green Sea Turtle

    Location:  Mackay Reef, Cape Tribulation, Great Barrier Reef, QLD Australia

    Equipment Used: Canon 5DMIV + 16-35mm L series lens. Ikelite housing and strobe

    Depth/Height: around 3m below!


     Have this print and take him home! 

    This show stopper can be the next best attraction in your home. Take him home by ordering yours here.

    If you're fond of turtles, we've got heaps for you to choose from!

    Here are a few.... 



    'Chelonian Garden' 


    Thank you for reading!

    If you want one of these prints (or any of the prints in the gallery), feel free to shoot us a message here.

    See you next month for another behind-the-scenes blog!

    Stay awesome.

    Brooke 😎


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