- The Great Barrier Reef -

- The Great Barrier Reef -


Dive into a world of unparalleled beauty and biodiversity with Brooke’s captivating Great Barrier Reef photographic collection.

The Great Barrier Reef, all 350,000 square kilometres of it, is a natural wonder like no other, and although Brooke has only touched but a portion of it, she has skilfully captured its magnificence in every frame.

This collection showcases the vibrant colors, mesmerising marine life, and breathtaking landscapes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the intricate coral formations to the graceful dance of marine life, every image tells a story of the Reef's irreplaceable ecosystem.

Each photograph is a testament to the Reef's fragile yet resilient nature, reminding us of the urgent need to protect and preserve this natural wonder for future generations.

Join us in celebrating the Great Barrier Reef's unparalleled beauty and supporting its conservation, as with every purchase from Above and Below Gallery we donate 1% to an organisation through our 1% For The Planet commitment.

Start your journey today with our stunning Great Barrier Reef photography.


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large hand shaped orange coral sitting above a bed of reef with dots of bright yellow and blue coloured coral and fish swimming by
afternoon light casting across the mountain islands across several sailing vessels
4 vessels anchored within a protected calm bay and different coloured ocean waters beyond
wall of bait fish screening the deep blue ocean beyond with a coral reef frame
vibrant kaleidoscope of colourful coral reef from underneath
yellow dish shaped coral with little red fish hiding underneath with a ball of small silver fish above
multitude of different vibrantly coloured coral reef with varying textures as colourful small fish swim about
sea turtle poking his head above the water surface
scuba diver releasing bubbles above a bed of coloured coral reef
varying shades of greenish water with a school of small silver fish
blue ocean with small fish above 2 yellow fish swimming around a sponge of coral
green waters with hundreds of the same fish syncronise swimming
below up to the surface of bright sunlight with a school of barracuda fish
colourful garden of coral with various different fish swimming above
large purple and orange coral with fish swimming above
large shark swims above through school of silver fish
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