Journey to the Jungle: Introducing A Rainforest Collection

Written by: Brooke Miles



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We are thrilled to unveil our latest addition to the ever-expanding gallery: Introducing A Rainforest Collection. 

This captivating compilation of photographs is a breathtaking journey through the world's most enchanting rainforest landscapes.

"From Eungella, Cedar Creek and Airlie Beach in North Queensland, to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, and dusted with a sprinkle of the Amazon jungle in the far reaches of Bolivia, this gallery takes you on a global journey of Rainforest wonder"
Rainforest photo
'Tropical Skyscrapers' Copyright Brooke Miles

Putting together this collection has been quite the journey. It wasn't just a matter of snapping a few photos and calling it a day; it's been a labour of love, meticulously curated over time.

These images come from different travels and different moments, all carefully captured as I wander through various rainforest destinations around the country, and the world. 

Each photo holds a story, a memory, a glimpse into my very own travel diary. And now I'm ready to share it with you, so here goes -   'A Rainforest' Collection!

Shades of Green

Each photograph in this 16-piece collection is a visual example of the universal allure of green. 

It's fascinating how, despite being captured in different corners of the globe, each image shares a common thread: the vibrant, lush hue of nature. Whether it's Bolivia's dense jungles or Australia's tranquil forests, green reigns supreme, showing the luscious colour of nature's life and vitality.

photo of Rainforest
'Evergreen' Copyright Brooke Miles
photo of rainforest
'Tranquil' Copyright Brooke Miles

This colour isn't just a coincidence; it's a symbol of health, growth, and harmony. It transcends geographical boundaries, reminding us that nature speaks the same language no matter where we are on this planet.

close up photo of a tree trunk
'Trunk of Life' Copyright Brooke Miles
photos of palm trees
'Palm Entrance' Copyright Brooke Miles

Biodiversity Hotspots

Rainforests are not just stretched of plants and trees, they are also vibrant hubs of biodiversity, teeming with life in all its forms.

From majestic trees reaching for the sky to the smallest insects buzzing among the leaves, rainforests provide a sanctuary for an array of living creatures.

closeup photo of mushrooms
close up photo of wild berry in the forest
a framed print at home with close up shot of leaf

It's not just about the critters either. Rainforests are home to a diverse range of plants, fruits, flowers, and fungi, each playing a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem. 

"Exploring these lush environments isn't just a stroll in the woods for me. It's also an eye-opening educational journey. I come back from the walk googling 'this' and 'what is that'!"

I'm certainly no biologist, but I do love the art of photographing nature as it makes me feel like I'm making little discoveries, even if it's just a common creature or plant. In my imaginative mind it's all new and exciting! 

Unique Nature Prints for Your Space

Owning unique rainforest prints for your place, whether it's at home, in the office, or in your business space, is like having a window to another world. With just one glance, you're instantly transported to the heart of nature, surrounded by the lush greenery and tranquil beauty of the rainforest.

framed print mockup of river
'Raging Velvet' Copyright Brooke Miles
framed photo print of river
'Airlie Creek' Copyright Brooke Miles

These prints not only add a touch of natural elegance to your surroundings but also evoke a sense of calm and serenity, making them perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere wherever you are.

photo of river and rainforest
'Hugs' Copyright Brooke Miles
close up photo of vines in the wild
'Curly' Copyright Brooke Miles

Prints from the Rainforest Collection

framed print of rainforest
'Eden' from The Rainforest Collection by Brooke Miles

Thank you for reading! That's all for now. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing this new collection as much as I loved curating it.

If you need any help choosing the right image for your space, please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page

Please stay tuned for the next collection release. 

See you soon, Brooke x