Introducing the Rainbow Beach Collection

Written by: Brooke Miles



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My newest release is a photographic celebration of the awe-inspiring landscape found along the southern Queensland coastline of Rainbow Beach. 

Join me on this journey and discover the unique beauty of this region – a place where the earth's artistry converges to create a stunning natural masterpiece.

The locals call the Rainbow Beach a natural art gallery...

After sitting on this collection of images for almost 2 years I am very pleased to finally share them and have them see the light of day! 😉

In my usual style, I chartered a helicopter with the door off and went buzzing around the coastline trying to capture this beauty in all her glory. I would have loved more air time (although I always want more air time!), however, I think I have created a nice little collection within the time I had. 

Side note... the day before this flight I was 15metres below the sea capturing the graceful Grey Nurse Sharks of Wolf Rock. Check out the previous blog section for more info!

aerial photo of Rainbow Beach
'Balance' Copyright Brooke Miles

Queensland's Natural Art Gallery

Rainbow Beach and the Cooloola Coast, situated around the southern end of the Queensland coastline, boasts a natural 'art gallery', with coloured sand dunes and rocky outcrops that paint the landscape.

The Rainbow Beach collection showcases the harmony of colors, textures, and landscapes found in this nature lovers paradise.

aerial photo of Rainbow Beach
'Iron Colours' Copyright Brooke Miles
aerial photo of Rainbow Beach
'Rainbow Layers' Copyright Brooke Miles
sand in Rainbow beach
sand in Rainbow beach
sand in Rainbow beach

A Visual Feast

From the soft (yet also strangely vibrant) hues of the sand dunes to the rugged beauty of the rocky cliff face and green headland, this region provides such a beautiful backdrop, and the end result is some very striking prints.

photo of Rainbow Beach
'Time Out' Copyright Brooke Miles
aerial photo of Rainbow Beach
'Dune Layers' Copyright Brooke Miles
aerial photo of lighthouse in Rainbow Beach
'Lighthouse Tales' Copyright Brooke Miles
tree carvings
'Scribbly Gum K' Copyright Brooke Miles

A Treasure For Your Walls

The Rainbow Beach collection is not just an exhibition; it's an opportunity to bring the beauty of this natural wonder into your living space. 

The pieces are more than artwork – they are windows into mother nature's gem: Rainbow Beach is the gem of the Cooloola Coast.

aerial photo of Rainbow Beach
'Dune Clock' Copyright Brooke Miles
aerial photo of Rainbow Beach
'Rainbow Stacks' Copyright Brooke Miles

The traditional owners...

What we call Rainbow Beach is part of Gubbi Gubbi country. 

Just like the history of our traditional owners, each piece in this collection tells a story, inviting you to explore the artistic treasures both above and below the horizon. 

What can you see?

Prints from the Rainbow Beach Collection


That's all for now. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing this new collection as much as I loved curating it.

If you need any help choosing the right image for your space, please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page

See you soon and please stay tuned for the next collection release! 

Thanks for reading, sending sunshine from the  Whitsundays 🌞

Brooke x