mum and bub large grey humpback whales resting on surface of blue water

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small grey baby calf whale hiding under the belly of mum whale as  they break the surface of water
sailboat sailing between two islands as fringing reef hugs the coast line
a small boat in the distance replicates a comet amongst the sand and blue green water swirling together
single reef island with vast blue ocean and sky surrounding
wide above shot of swirling patterned white sand under the turquiose water as 2 boats approach the beach in the distance
Coral reef veins spread across green, blue, aqua, turquise coloured water
green coral reef from above with blue sky in the background with heart shaped reef island in foreground
green mountains below clear blue sky buildings dotted along beach coast line with marina of boats to the right
plethora of blue Damsel Fish swimming in large pack with blue waters surrounding
large Maori Wrasse patterned blue, green and yellow colours before hard and soft coral behind
green sea turtle swimming above reef floor smaller fish in the background
city of coral reef in many different colours and shapes dotted with hiding tiny blue and yellow fish